Rockford MMA and Jiu-Jitsu News

Perfect the Takedown!

We had a great takedown-filled class today! The kids all warmed up for a few minutes, and then rolled right into some techniques. We focused on the double leg takedown today. First, the kids all practiced the double leg takedown on the dummies. They did fantastic on this task, so we moved on to taking each other down! The kids enjoyed spending a majority of the time working on the takedowns! To finish the great class, they played “Musical Pads!”

Kindly Review!

It was a fun night for kids at Core! We changed up our warmup to be a little “funner” and to keep the kids on their toes! After the kids all warmed up, we reviewed different Jiu-Jitsu positions and how to correctly hold the positions. We talked about how we can end up there from different takedowns! The kids reviewed their takedowns for a bit, and then we went into some live rolling. The kids rolled very well, and their takedowns are getting better and better! This month’s lifeskill is “Kindness,” so we talked about ‘kindness’ and what it means!

Takedowns Galore!

Tonight’s Kids’ Class was really fun! The kids all worked very hard! The warmup was a little different because we included some of our line drills with the first part of the warmup. Once the kids were all warmed up we moved on to some takedown drills. They worked on takedowns without a partner. After a few minutes of that, they drilled takedowns on the dummy, and then onto their partner! By the end of the class, the kids were experts at takedowns! They got a chance to work on their takedowns at the end of class with some live rolling! Congrats to Mason and Madeline! Welcome to WARRIORS!

Rolling around Before the Hollidays!

Kids’ Class was AWESOME tonight at Core Combat Sports! The kids all went through a different type of warmup in which line drills were mixed with our usual warmup. Then, the kids played a new Jiu Jitsu game with the focus mitts! They all enjoyed it quite a bit! After that, the kids rolled with each other and had fun! To end the night, the kids played “Musical Pads,” a Core favorite!

Holding Mount Review!

We had a great turnout for kids’ class tonight! We had the kids warm up. Then they all proceeded to do line drills and other Jiu Jitsu related drills! Once they were done, we took a water break. The lesson started. The kids reviewed how to hold mount by swimming and being spider kids! They all remembered it and executed the moves perfectly on the first try! Once we had the mount position mastered, we moved on to a game. Today, we played “Jiu Jitsu Tag.” They all had loads of fun!

Swimming and Holding Mount!

We had a very great night for kids’ class at Core Combat Sports! To start off class, the kids warmed up like usual! Line drills were next, as a cool down and transition into Jiu Jitsu! Today, the kids reviewed holding mount. They reviewed “swimming” which the kids like doing! I wanted to test the kids to see if they really understood it. So, we did live scenarios where the kid on the bottom had to get out. The kids liked the new game/drill! Also, the word of the month is initiative, so we had a mat-chat discussing Initiative and what it means. To end the night, we played HOSS!

Crazy Bull!

Today’s Kids Class was a blast! First, to start off class, we warmed up. To warm up, the kids ran, bear crawled, and did other various exercises. After that, we did line drills. For line drills, the kids all did more various exercises related to Jiu-Jitsu. They all got a water break, and then we moved on to the lesson. Today’s lesson was taking the back. To help teach this, we played Crazy Bull, one of the kids’ favorites. It is the beginning of a new month! That means the new word of the month is “Initiative.” Overall, todays’ class was a great class!

Reviewing Mount

We had an excellent kids class tonight at Core! The kids were really good today, and they were ready to go! To get class going, we started warming up. The kids ran around, bear crawled, crab walked, and did all sorts of neat warm ups. Once they were getting a little sweat going, we went into our line drills. As a reset, we played “HOSS” which is equivalent to “Tug-o-war.” The kids all had a lot of fun! For the lesson, we reviewed holding mount using Swimming and Spider Kid. They learned a new way to hold mount tonight! They learned Bull-dozer. The kids all got the hang of it, and they all did a great job!

Spider Kids and Swimming!

We had a really nice kids class tonight at Core Combat Sports! To start off the day, we warmed up with some running, bear crawling, and other cool exercises. The next segment of class was line drills which comprises of fun Jiu-Jitsu related skills that also act as a warm up. Some line drills are more important to Jiu-Jitsu, like break falls and stand in base! After line drills, we began our lesson! Today’s lesson was all about holding mount. Mount is an advantageous position in Jiu-Jitsu, and the kids all now know how to stay in that position! They all can “swim,” and they can be Spider kids! Finally, it is safe to say that the kids all have mastered the art of tying the belt! Congrats to all! To finish off the great day, the kids rolled around and grappled with each other which was fun, but it was also something that they could take from and learn! OUS!


We had a very technical but fun class tonight for kids class! After we bowed in and did nail check, the kids began to run for our warm up. Warmups usually are about five minutes of running and other moving exercises. They all did so, and we tackled some line drills! Line drills are cool, various Jiu-Jitsu related exercises or movements that they complete. Line drills are like forward rolls, breakfalls, body drags, sniper crawls, etc. After these, we got into the art of sprawling. We found our errors and corrected them. By the end of class, the kids all had it wrapped around their brain on how to sprawl correctly! We ended the great night with a game of foxtail!