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We had a fun kids class tonight! The kids all had smiles throughout the whole time literally! To kick off class, we obviously warmed up and did line drills. After line drills, we did a quick race! Once the race was over we reviewed our mount position and how to hold it. We jumped into takedowns, and we reviewed our double leg takedown. Also, we added a new sprawling drill that the kids liked. We did a few drills involving footwork, sprawls, and double leg shots. We found the old fox tails so we played Foxtail! It’s been a while! Looking tough!

Takedown Tournament Success!

Today We had the TAKEDOWN TOURNAMENT! First we warmed up like we usually do. Our warmup included some running exercise and line drills. Once the warmup was over, we reviewed our takedowns. Some demonstrated double leg takedowns, and others demonstrated bear hugs and trips! They were all well prepared for today, and they are all getting better on their feet! The kids all looked great. We had some barn burner matches, which is good because everyone is getting better. I know they all cannot wait for next month’s tournament!

Review of the Basics!

For today’s Kids Class we did all review. The kids warmed up with their usual warmup and line drills. Then we got into the basics. We took a look at the break fall. We mastered the technique and then answered the question: What is it used for? Breakfalls became clear to all of them by the end. After that we got into Mount. They all successfully learned how to maintain the Mount Position. They got a little preview of what we will be doing for the next class. To close our class, we played “Coach Says,” and they all did great!

Takedowns GALORE!

Today was a very effortful and awesome! All the kids gave it their all for preparation! With the hotter weather, it is impressive to see that our students in the Kids’ program are excelling. After the warmup and line-drills, the kids all practiced takedowns. In fact we DRILLED takedowns almost for the whole lesson! They all learned the technique, and then we drilled the takedown on “Bobo!” I am proud of how great they have all gotten at the takedowns, and I look forward to the last Thursday of the month! I want to give a shoutout to Miss Madeline and Miss Madison for coming in for extra work and help! They are BEASTS!

Base Wrist Release!

We had a fun and energetic group today. They were all ready to go right away. We bowed them in, and they started class all with smiles. After a few laps of running, bear crawling and whatnot, they presumed to line drills. Line drills are a great way to get into Jiu Jitsu related exercises to get ready for the lesson. Today the kids all learned to escape a wrist hold. T

A Humble Bear..

We had a great class today with positive energy! We took out most of our time to work on two moves in particular. The kids were successful in their bear hug, and they were successful in their trip. Before we got into any of that, they all did their usual warmup. Our warmup usually consists of running and line drills. Lately, we’ve been trying to mix it up a little, to be awesome. So we include races, new line drills, and we just add stuff that is fun for them to get warmed up with. Again, the bear hug and outside leg trip was our focus today. The little guys loved it! We played Simon Says to end our class! For their “homework” I asked them to research humility! We will be doing skits Thursday!


We had a very nice Kids Jiu-Jitsu class tonight here at Core Combat Sports! Today was a very hot day, so we got a few water breaks throughout class! They warmed up to start class. Warming up is actually important in getting some blood pumping and preventing injuries. Today’s focus was the double leg. The kids came in, they saw, they learned, they mastered. By the time class was over, every single student took down BoBo. The little guys all got the technique down! To end class, we played “HOSS.” After class, some kids even wanted to do more takedowns! OUS


We had a pretty nice class tonight! The kids all started off with a warmup which included cardio and line drills. After the line drills we tackled some belt tying. The kids have really gotten the hang of it, which is necessary for belt promotion. The lesson for the day was the Americana. They all watched and learned. Within a few minutes the kids knew how to do it themselves. Since they were a really great class, we ended with a fun game called “Musical Pads!”

Arm Lock!

We had a great class tonight! The kids were all full of energy but controlled, so that just made the class better alone. They ran, did some bear crawls, so they could prepare for the lesson! Today, we worked on an arm lock from standing up. It was a new move, so we did it slowly. They all understood it and actually got it down pat. Once the lessons were over, we played some games! We played Coach says to see if they had good ears for the day! It turned out to be 4 or 5 winners, so they were all keeping their ears peeled! We finished with Jiu Jitsu Tag!

Escape the Bear!

Good class for kids tonight! They came in energetic and ready to go, so we let them use all of that energy up! Our warmup was a little longer and we had more exercises to overcome. They did several pushups! Once they were done with the warmup we got into some reviewing and also learned a new breakfall. After a little water break, we got into a new technique. The kids learned how to escape the Bear Hug! They all got the technique pretty well, so we incorporated this technique in a game we call “Jiu-Jitsu Tag!” The kids were maybe even a bit too energetic, because they didn’t even seem phased, so we did a lot of pushups! Also a shoutout to Dylan AKA “Goodles” for winning not only one but TWO golds at NAGA!

FIRST! (2)