Rockford MMA Fighter to take on the the UFC’s “Maniac”

Every now and then, life presents opportunities so special and so unique, they’re impossible to pass up.  Thus is the case for long time martial artist, kick boxer, and all around tough guy Shayne “Grizzly” Adams.  Shayne was recently given the chance that every true competitor craves; a chance to compete at the highest level.  Shayne will be going toe to toe with former UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim “The Maniac” Sylvia on August 13th at the Rockford Metro Center.  “It’s certainly a huge opportunity, Tim is legitimate.” says Shayne.  That being said, the daunting challenge has Shayne anything but scared.  Shayne is preparing for his upcoming bout at Core Combat Sports, Rockford’s premier Gracie Jiu Jitsu/MMA school.  Shayne recently shared some insight on the fight with his Core Combat team mates. “Well certainly Tim possesses some challenges.” Adams says.  “His reach, size, and striking background present some problems.  I have been working hard on a plan to deal with that, and at the end of the day I know I can work through it and ring up a huge win here.”  Shayne’s perspective isn’t just shared by him.  “It’s a fight.  That’s why people do this, because anything can happen.  Anyone that knows Shayne knows that he’s a beast.  I won’t be surprised at all when he wins this fight.” said a Core Combat teammate.  Shayne has the added benefit of fighting in his own hometown.  “The way I see it, all the pressure is on Tim” said Shayne.  “My focus is to go out, have fun, and put on a great show for Rockford.”  Shayne has a solid team built behind him.  Core’s lead instructor Tommy Woodruff also weighed in on the fight.  “We are going to be working hard with Shayne to sharpen him up.  It’s been a couple of years since he’s competed.  Shayne will be ready; camp starts Monday.  He’s a brawler and a grinder and Tim’s going to have his hands full.”  Shayne’s enthusiasm was evident on his recent Facebook post; “Shayne “Grizzly” Adams vs Tim Sylvia …Aug 13 Rockford Metro Center”.  Shayne will be on 104.9 WXRX Wednesday speaking more about his fight.  Fans can get more updates, news, and videos at

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