Rockford,IL Boxing for fitness, fun and more!

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has been an
Olympic sport since 688 BC, and the fame and popularity of competing
in the sport has grown ever since. Known as the sweet science, boxing
is a sport of using technique, footwork, speed, conditioning, and
heart to best your opponent in the ring. Boxing is also known as a
great foundation of mixed martial arts as well. At Core Combat Sports,
we offer boxing classes that cater to the serious competitor as well
as someone who wants to have fun and get in shape. To understand what
a typical boxing training session consists of, we’ve outlined what
types of drills you may encounter in this class below:

One of the most important part of a boxer’s training is their
conditioning. To be able to last in the ring, you have to be in great
shape. Training boxing at Core Combat Sports is no exception to this
rule. The conditioning portion of class is designed to work on
specific movements and exercise that will help you succeed in the
ring. Many people also do boxing for the conditioning aspect itself.
It is a great way to get in shape. Whether you plan on competing in
the sport or not, boxing training can definitely help you get in the
shape you always wanted to be in.

Footwork drills
Another aspect of boxing that is many times overlooked but crucial to
any boxer’s progression is footwork. Your footwork helps you keep
distance from your opponent or close the distance to them. It helps
you use the range of your punches effectively, and gives you a stable
base. At Core Combat you’ll do specific drills to work on your
footwork that can help you in boxing and many other sports that
students here traditionally have an interest in.

Heavy Bag Workout
One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about boxing
is a guy or girl hitting a heavy bag. Those are the large bags that
hang from the ceiling, which usually are on the wrong end of
punishment from a boxer in training. At Core Combat we use the heavy
bag to both condition your body to throwing punches as well as working
on placing your punches. The heavy bag is a great way to relieve some
built up stress as well!

Pad Work
Pad work is basically training drills in which you and a partner will
switch off holding pads for each other or punching the pads your
partner is holding. These drills are done with specific punching
combinations that are given to you in the class by the coach. These
drills work on footwork, coordination, and punching technique. They
simulate throwing punches and defending or moving from punches in a
real situation.

Focus Training
There are some times in class that the instructor will have you do
something that isn’t listed above. This could range from working a
certain punch to a certain area such as the body to a conditioning
drill that utilizes one or more of the drills mentioned above. These
happen in many classes and are of a great benefit to the student.

For those students that wish to compete in boxing, sparring is also
available. Sparring is where you are boxing with a partner in a
controlled environment. Protective gear is worn and sparring is done
with the permission of the coach. Sparring is not mandatory, but can
be both a great workout as well as confidence boost for anyone who
decided they are ready to try it out. We strive to make sparring both
as safe and productive to students as possible. Talk to the coach if
you are interested in sparring.

Not every class is the same, and you’re sure to do more than one of
the above in each session. The important thing is to come to class,
meet your goals, train hard, train safe, and have fun! For more
information on Rockford, IL boxing classes at Core Combat Sports, contact Tommy Woodruff at (815) 721-7080

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